Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms today, and increasing your followers will significantly benefit your business. 

If you want to improve your brand’s authority and credibility, and engage with a large audience, then…

Gaining more Twitter followers is a step in the right direction. 

So, how do you do this?

I’ve got you covered! 

From employing strategies to gain followers organically to obtaining expert assistance, I’ve outlined the various ways to get Twitter followers.

Quick Summary

Want a peek into what we’ll be discussing? Here’s a list of 10 ways to get Twitter followers.

Free ways:

  • Follow/unfollow targeting Twitter accounts
  • Share valuable content often
  • Optimize your Twitter profile 
  • Engage with your target audience
  • Network with your target audience
  • Network with people in your industry
  • Cross-promote your Twitter account

Paid ways:

By staying active, optimizing your Twitter profile, and getting expert assistance, you’ll be on the right track to achieving your goal. For more tips on utilizing platforms to attract your desired leads, you can watch my 5-Step Masterclass training.

How Can I Get More Twitter Followers? (Free ways)

Here’s a detailed overview of the best ways you can get more Twitter followers for free:

1. Follow & unfollow your target audience

Twitter feed

The fastest way to grow your Twitter audience with people interested in your products and services is to follow them first! 

After following, engage with their posts by sharing, liking, and commenting on their content. Share your knowledge in your field and relate with them on the common ground you share. 

Additionally, you can refer them to the content you’ve created to attract them, as discussed above. This will help you build value and encourage them to connect and follow you back.


Filter the list once a week and unfollow the accounts that don’t follow you back. This will enable you to focus on those that did and convert them from your target audience to clients. 

If you utilize this strategy effectively, you’ll get Twitter followers interested in your brand and boost your clientele.

Networking with my target audience helped me get SkylineSocial’s Twitter following to over 10,000 and boosted my personal brand to over 20,000 and counting!

2. Share Valuable Content Often

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Maintaining an online presence will get you more Twitter followers. 

Tweeting actively helps you stay relevant as your tweets pop up on your followers’ timelines, and they take you further by retweeting and liking. 

Hence, it’s advisable to tweet daily. 

It’s not just about being active, though. Share content relevant to your brand, followers, and target audience. This will help you gain more recognition, especially among those involved in your business or other related areas.

Make your tweets creative and catchy. Don’t let them be too long, and keep your sentences short. Many people have short attention spans, especially on social media.

You can tweet inspirational and motivational content occasionally, and it’s advisable to avoid controversial topics.

In addition…

Some times and days indicate when Twitter users are most active. According to Sproutsocial, the most favorable times to post on Twitter are Mondays to Saturdays at 9 am. It also reports that the best days to post are Tuesday and Wednesday and that Sunday is the least favorable day. 

3. Optimize Your Twitter Profile

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There’s a high chance that before someone follows you, they’ll visit your profile to discover more about you. As such, you should present your business in a way that will attract people. 

First, complete your Twitter profile and ensure your bio is filled with information to help people learn more about your business and encourage them to follow you.

You can also include keywords in your bio to increase your chances of getting noticed in Twitter’s search results. Be tactful about it, though, to maintain a natural flow. 


There’s a 280-character limit for your Twitter bio, so it may not fit everything you want to say. Hence, you can link your website or blog’s About Us page to your Twitter account so people can learn more about your business.

Concerning your header image and profile photo, there are two things you can do. You can use a picture of your brand’s logo as the header image and one of you and your team as your profile photo, or vice-versa.

The first option will boost your brand recognition and authority among other users. Opting for the second will help people know the faces behind the brand and build familiarity with you, unlike a faceless brand.

Either way, ensure you use correctly sized pictures with high resolution.

4. Engage with Your Target Audience

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Sharing information relevant to your target audience is a good way to increase your followers.

You can research what your target audience is interested in and tweet accordingly. If they follow the latest trends or like to use hashtags, you should tweet similarly to increase interactions and followers. 

It’s also advisable to create a video sales letter and have it pinned so your target market can easily access it when they visit your account. 

In your video, present your business as a solution to one or more problems your target market faces. This will help you build trust and value among your potential clients and earn more followers. 

A video sales letter is also an automated way to get more booking sales appointments without pitching to people individually. 

For more tips on creating a compelling video sales letter to attract more clients, check out step 2 of my free Masterclass training

5. Network with People in Your Industry

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Earning recognition among professionals in your industry will earn you more followers and support. 

To do this…

You can use Twitter’s search list or ‘Who to Follow?’ for more insight. After following, ensure you engage with their posts to improve your chances of getting noticed. You can share, like, and comment on their content. 

If you’re known for sharing insightful content and offering solutions to your industry’s problems, you can earn a reputation as a credible source of information. 

Additionally, you can initiate conversations by messaging them or mentioning them in relevant tweets. If you get some of them to follow you back, that’s even better!

In case you didn’t know…

Networking with professionals in your industry will not only increase your followers. It can also earn you partnership and sponsorship deals. 

6. Cross-promote Your Twitter Account

Image credit: social settings

When people recognize you on one platform, they’re bound to get curious and search for you on other social media platforms to connect with you there too.

So, why not make it easy for them?                                 

Cross-promoting your Twitter account on other social media accounts like Instagram and LinkedIn can help you gain more followers on Twitter and on those platforms too. 

Let’s not forget websites and blogs. Embed links to your Twitter handle on these sites alongside a CTA telling people to follow. 

You can add what they stand to gain from following you on Twitter, like more discounts on your services, to encourage them. 

You can also link your most relevant and popular tweets to the site. This will provide insight into your Twitter persona and encourage people to check you out. 

Additionally, you can insert a link to your Twitter handle in your email signature. If you write newsletters, you can add CTAs for your subscribers to connect with you on Twitter. 


If you really want to scale up your business operations, you may need expert knowledge and support. To this end, here are 5 top growth marketing services that will help you increase your Twitter followers. 

How Can I Get More Twitter Followers? (Paid ways)

Here are the best paid tools or apps to grow your Twitter followers:

1. TweSocial 

Fastest way to buy Twitter followers

TweSocial is a Twitter growth marketing service that helps to increase your followers and provides outstanding service. 

When you sign up on TweSocial, an account manager is assigned to discuss your target market with you and effect strategies accordingly. 

These strategies include smart and scheduled targeting for your content and using hashtags popular among your target audience to give your business more exposure. 

TweSocial also stands out for helping you develop content to attract your target market and get them to engage with you. 

All in all…

TweSocial offers a secure and effective way to grow your account. They also operate within Twitter’s guidelines and daily limit, so you can rest assured that you’re not breaking any rules.

Pros of TweSocial:

  • Personal account manager.
  • Location breakdown to help you attract an audience close to you.  

Cons of TweSocial:

  • No free trial.

Get started with TweSocial today!

2. Tweeteev

Best for organic strategy

Tweeteev is a growth marketing service that leverages vast knowledge and understanding of Twitter. 

When you open a Tweeteev account, you will be required to create profiles of your target audience. This will provide insight into the audience you want to attract.

Following this, Tweeteev will employ its organic growth strategy. This strategy involves building positive feedback for you among your target audience to help you build credibility and gain more followers.

Tweeteev does this by helping you engage with users that fit the profiles of your target audience through liking, retweeting, and commenting on their posts. As you become popular, more members of your target audience will begin to follow and patronize you. 

One thing to note…

This strategy may take a while to work. It’s worth it, though, as you will get followers interested in your content and products or services. 

Pros of Tweeteev:

  • Extensive knowledge base. 
  • Great customer support.

Cons of Tweeteev:

  • Doesn’t provide fast results.

Click here to check out Tweeteev today!

3. SocialPilot 

Best for data analytics 

SocialPilot is a good choice if you want to work with Twitter data and analytics to boost your followers. 

By analyzing your account’s activity, this service provides insight into how your strategies are performing and helps you figure out areas that need improvement.  

Another distinct feature is SocialPilot’s queuing system. This lets you set up a list of content and the time and dates you want to post them. Then, SocialPilot handles the rest.

With the queuing system, you don’t have to worry about staying active to send out tweets every other hour on your own. 

In addition, SocialPilot will create relevant content for you so that you always have something to send out and your queue is not empty.

Pros of SocialPilot:

  • Offers technical expertise.
  • Great customer support. 

Cons of SocialPilot:

  • Its packages are not easily accessible. 

Click here to check out SocialPilot today!

4. Media Mister

 Best budget plan

Media Mister is one of the longest-running companies with expert knowledge in building a good profile with a significant following on social media platforms.

They know that staying active with insightful content helps to retain relevance with your existing followers and attract new ones. 

As such, they have various features to help you accomplish this, from Twitter views and poll votes to comments, profile visits, and shares. 

They can also help you boost your business profile on other social media platforms simultaneously. Another pro is that they offer a money-back guarantee. 

Pretty sweet, right?

All in all…

Media mister is an excellent tool to help you maintain a good reputation across various social media platforms.

Pros of Media Mister:

  • Affordable pricing with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Wide-ranging features to choose from.

Cons of Media Mister:

  • Its features may be overwhelming for some users.
  • No free trial.

Take a peek at Media Mister today!

5. UseViral 

Best for networking

UseViral is a growth marketing service that boasts an extensive and credible network.

The people you know and associate with influence your Twitter followers. UseViral helps you save the stress of building your network from scratch by allowing you access to its network of people to help you get more followers. 

When you purchase any UseViral package, its community of people will promote your business and help you gain traction on different social media platforms. 

This will help you to extend your reach beyond Twitter and expand your business even more.

Alongside high-quality followers, UseViral promises fast results and great customer service. 

Pros of UseViral:

  • Provides services on different platforms. 
  • Offers regular discounts. 

Cons of UseViral:

  • No free plan.

Get started with UseViral today!

The Bottom Line

As you can see…

Twitter is a valuable tool for building your brand and boosting its appeal in front of a global audience. 

It’s easier said than done, I know. 

However, with consistent effort and some technical expertise, you’ll see positive growth in your Twitter following.  

You can also employ the use of growth marketing services for additional support. Expert knowledge, technical know-how, and a credible network, amongst other benefits at affordable rates, are deals that are hard to miss.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How can I get more followers on Twitter?

You can get more Twitter followers by tweeting valuable content often, engaging with your target audience, and cross-promoting your Twitter handle on other platforms. In addition, you can utilize growth marketing services to help you implement these strategies through technical know-how, data analytics, and a credible network.

How can I know when a growth marketing company is a scam?

To ensure that you’re employing the services of a credible and legit growth marketing company, you have to do research first. This involves checking their websites and social media platforms and reading user reviews from trusted sources.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

How can I boost engagements on Twitter?

You can boost engagements on Twitter by tweeting actively and sharing informative and entertaining content people are interested in. Also, responding to comments and adding videos and GIFs to your posts attracts people and encourages them to interact with you.