How a financial advisor in NYC generated 30+ exclusive new leads each month

The Challenge

Most leads for this financial advisor were coming through referrals, word of mouth and random acts of marketing. There wasn’t a system to generate predictable leads every month.

What we did

  • We created a Facebook ad campaign targeting people in New York City who were looking for a financial advisor to help with retirement planning
  • We tested different ads, messages and funnels. You can see a screenshot below of some of the Facebook ads we tested.

The Results

  • Over 30+ leads generated with a cost per lead at about $70 per lead on average
  • All leads were exclusive to the financial advisor and not shared with anyone else
  • Client was able to convert some leads into clients within just 30 days and some of the leads had over $1 million in investable assets

If you are a financial advisor, watch this short video to learn how you can generate your own exclusive leads each month.

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Note: due to the sensitive nature of social media, some of our clients prefer to remain private.

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