Improve your Facebook pixel accuracy with Conversions API

Since the release of iOS 15, Facebook is limited to conversions it can track using the Facebook pixel on its own. How can you fix this? Facebook recommends to improve your Facebook pixel accuracy you use the Facebook API.

You may have seen a message in your Facebook ads manager that looks like this:

Improve Facebook pixel accuracy

Note: There are many ways you can use the Facebook ads API. This article will help you set up your Facebook ads API to track conversions on Facebook Ads so you can more accurate track leads (or other conversions).

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Do you need to use the Facebook Ads Conversions API?

You don’t NEED to. You can still run Facebook ads without it. But if you want to get more accurate conversions, then it’s recommended you set up and use the Facebook Ads Conversions API.

What are the benefits of using the Facebook Ads Conversions API?

  • You (and Facebook) will be able to more accurately know how many conversions you get through your Facebook ads
  • if Facebook has more (and better) data on who is converting, the Facebook Ads algorithm can better optimize your ads

What are the downsides to using the Facebook Ads Conversions API?

  • It requires a little bit of technical know-how
  • It requires extra time to set up
  • You may need to pay for Zapier if you want to set it up without a lot of technical skills

Step 1: Authorize Zapier on Facebook Partner Integrations

Go to your Facebook business settings and then click on partner integrations:

Partner integrations Facebook

If you can’t find it (because Facebook is always changing things) to go Google and search for “Facebook Partner Integrations” and it should take you to the right page.

If the CRM you’re using to track conversions cannot be found on this step, you will need to use Zapier.

Search for “Zapier” and click on it:

Search for Zapier

Then click on “Connect account”:

Connect zapier account

Then choose “Website”:

Select website in Zapier

And finally select your Facebook pixel and click on “Authorize Zapier Connection”.

Step 2: Set up a Facebook Conversion API Zap on Zapier

Login to your Zapier account and click on “Create Zap”

Then connect your Zapier account to your CRM (if you haven’t already). Once it’s connected to your CRM you can create a Zap from your CRM to Facebook.

I have a detailed step by step tutorial to show you how to do this here (from 2 minutes onwards):

YouTube player

Step 3: Test a new leads

The final step is to generate a new lead through your CRM to test and see if it comes up on your Facebook Pixel page.

Please note: It can take 5 minutes or so to update. So if you don’t see any conversions from the Facebook API instantly, just wait a bit longer and try again.

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