How a business coach / consultant generated 40+ leads each month helping women choose the right career

The challenge

Sue was a well experienced life, business and executive coach who was starting her own business. She wanted to help women unhappy at their current job to choose the right career path.

What we did

  • We helped them set up a marketing funnel to target people who are not currently happy with their job and are looking for a change (but afraid to make that change) using free content
  • We created a campaign on Facebook to find and target her potential clients
  • We set up all the ads, landing pages and follow up automation emails

You can see an example of some of the ads we tested on Facebook below:

The Results

  • They generated 40+ leads per month
  • The cost per lead was about $5 on average


Free Training

Learn how to generate more 10, 15, 30 or more predictable sales appointments each month with your ideal clients (without relying on referrals, cold calling, networking and things like that).