Are you tired of relying solely on human intuition and gut feelings when it comes to investing?

Enter the world of the best AI investing apps, which transform the investing landscape by combining powerful artificial intelligence with user-friendly interfaces.

These game-changing tools can help you make smarter investment decisions, manage portfolios effectively, and ultimately maximize your returns.

Read on to discover the top 9 best AI investing apps and how they can take your investment strategies to new heights.

Quick Summary

In case you are in a rush, here is a quick overview of the main talking points for your convenience:

  • AI investing apps offer investors of all levels streamlined portfolio management and smart investment decisions.
  • The best AI investing app on this list is Streetbeat because of all the different ways it allows you to invest using artificial intelligence based on your preferred investing style.
  • While powerful tools for data analysis and decision-making, there are risks associated with using these applications. They have the potential to benefit investors by enabling automated trading strategies.

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What are AI Investing Apps?

Before we go any further, I think we should take a look at what exactly AI investing software is.

In short, AI investing software is a technology that uses sophisticated algorithms that have the ability to identify trading opportunities, form stock trading strategies, and execute trades on your behalf.

This means you no longer have to rely on ‘gut instincts’ or laborious manual research.

Instead, using AI investment apps, you can streamline your investment process, continually optimize your portfolio, and make smart investment decisions based on unbiased information.

However, it is worth noting that while AI stock trading software can provide valuable insights and predictions, it can’t guarantee future performance. This technology is designed to adapt to an investor’s trading strategy and augment it, not replace it and do all the heavy lifting.

What are the best AI Investing Apps?

Whether you’re seeking a user-friendly app for passive investing or a powerful tool for active trading, you’re sure to find the perfect AI investing software for your needs.

1. Streetbeat

Streetbeat is the top choice on this list for investors seeking an innovative and personalized investment solution powered by AI.

What makes Steetbeat unique?

Streetbeat combines the flexibility of self-directed investing with an AI-powered financial advisor, all tailored to meet individual financial objectives with competitive subscription pricing.

Investors can interact with Streetbeat’s AI-powered financial advisor in a conversational manner to create, invest and automatically manage personalized investment strategies or access curated thematic portfolios.

This variety ensures that regardless of your investment horizon or risk appetite, there’s a strategy that aligns with your goals. Coupled with real-time data from hundreds of sources, the platform enables informed decision-making.

Aside from the powerful AI investing features, I also like that if you ever need anything, support is readily available 24/7.

Streetbeat Pros

  • AI-powered personalized trading assists in creating strategies tailored to your investment goals, interests and risk tolerance
  • Access to automated, curated investment portfolios, including the popular “U.S. Congress Buys”, which tracks the performance of stocks that have been purchased by members of U.S. Congress (or their family)
  • Automatic Portfolio rebalancing based on data analysis of markets, micro and macroeconomic data, sentiment analysis, and news.
  • Multiple investment options

Streetbeat Cons

  • The AI-powered advisor sometimes needs 1-2 minutes to create a new strategy, depending on how complex your request is.
  • The AI may not be updated on events that happened in the last 3 minutes, because it is still learning about it.

Click here to try Streetbeat

2. Trade Ideas

Best for day trading

Trade Ideas Website

Trade Ideas is a comprehensive AI stock trading software that leverages artificial intelligence to deliver the most advantageous investment advice to its users.

With a stock screener, real-time alerts, charting, risk analysis, and backtesting, Trade Ideas offers a range of benefits to investors of all levels, from novices to experienced professionals.

One of the standout features of Trade Ideas is its dynamic learning capabilities, which enable the AI to adjust to evolving market trends. This means that as the financial landscape changes, the AI algorithms behind Trade Ideas can adapt and fine-tune their predictions and recommendations, providing you with the most relevant and up-to-date investment advice.

Trade Ideas Pros

  • Comprehensive features for stock analysis and investment management
  • AI-powered recommendations tailored to individual risk tolerance and objectives
  • Dynamic learning capabilities that adapt to market trends

Trade Ideas Cons

  • Monthly cost of the basic plan may be expensive for beginner investors
  • New users may experience a learning curve when navigating the platform

Trade Ideas Ease of use

3/5. The software is easy to use. However, learning the basics of day trading is a must here.

Trade Ideas Price

The basic plan for Trade Ideas is $118/month. You can upgrade to the premium plan for an additional $110/month.

3. Acorns

Best for passive investment

Acorns is the perfect app for newcomers to the stock market.

Acorns offer an Automatic Round-Ups feature, allowing users to invest their spare change by rounding up their purchases to the nearest dollar and start investing the difference. If you want your change to start earning interest, this is a no-brainer.

One of the unique features of Acorns is the “Found Money” feature, which enables users to receive cashback on purchases made with partnered brands.

Acorns Pros

  • Makes investing accessible to individuals with limited funds or experience
  • Utilizes Modern Portfolio Theory to create diversified portfolios based on goals and risk tolerance
  • AI algorithms provide forecasts to assist with investment decisions
  • Cashback on purchases made with partnered brands boosts savings

Acorns Cons

  • Limited flexibility in investment options as it primarily offers ETFs
  • Returns may be relatively small compared to traditional investment approaches due to the micro-investing nature

How easy is Acorns to use?

5/5. Very easy to use and best suited to those who are looking for an alternative to a savings account, with the opportunity of earning more profit.

How much does Acorns cost?

With a starting price of just $3/month and the ability to withdraw funds at any time, Acorns is a user-friendly and cost-effective option for novice investors looking to dip their toes into the world of investing.

4. Charles Schwab Intelligent Portfolios

Charles Schwab Website

Charles Schwab is the perfect choice for those looking for a complete investment solution, offering a robo-advisor and self-directed investing platform with competitive fees and commissions, advanced trading capabilities, and impressive research resources.

Charles Schwab offers various investment options, like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), options, and futures. This makes it an ideal choice for investors with varying financial goals.

Charles Schwab Intelligent Advisory is a service that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to assist with portfolio management, including robo advisors for goal planning, tax management, and asset allocation services.

The Charles Schwab mobile app provides users with convenient account access. It also offers them real-time market data and the ability to place trades from anywhere. Along with 24/7 phone support, online chat, and in-person consultations at their branch locations.


  • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, options, and futures
  • Low fees for trades and investments
  • AI-powered portfolio management, goal planning, tax management, and retirement planning services


  • Advanced features and options can be confusing
  • Investing in stocks, options, and futures involves market volatility

How easy is Charles Schwabb to use?

4/5. Best suited to those who are looking at learning and investing long term.

How much does it cost?

With no minimum initial deposit required to open an account and commission-free trading, Charles Schwab Intelligent Portfolios is an attractive option for both beginner and experienced investors seeking a comprehensive and reliable trading platform.

5. Betterment

Betterment website

Betterment is a user-friendly financial management app that offers convenient access to automated investing.

Betterment, a comprehensive financial management platform, utilizes advanced AI technology to provide a wide array of features including dividend reinvestment, recurring deposits, portfolio rebalancing, tax loss harvesting, and tax coordination. This all-in-one platform offers a seamless investing experience. Betterment offers two plans, both of which include personalized advice and algorithm-based portfolio allocation recommendations, all at no additional cost.

Available on both iOS and Android devices, Betterment simplifies investing in the stock market through its user-friendly app. Its algorithms and tax-efficient strategies make it an excellent choice for investors looking to optimize their portfolios without the hassle of manual research and analysis.


  • Automates investment processes, saving time and effort
  • Personalized strategies based on individual goals and risk tolerance
  • Intuitive and convenient for accessible investing


  • Less flexibility, and limited stock selection
  • Risk in relying solely on algorithms

How easy is Betterment to use?

3/5. A good option if you are just starting out and want to develop your investing literacy. Does have a learning curve.

How much does Betterment cost?

For its basic digital plan, Betterment charges an annual management fee of 0.25%, which is based on the number of assets under management.

6. TrendSpider

TrendsSpider Website

If you are an experienced trader looking for AI-augmented decision-making, TrendSpider is worth a look.

TrendSpider is a powerful software that helps traders make better decisions and improve their strategies. It uses machine learning to analyze data sets, provides real-time market news and alerts, offers portfolio analytics, and allows users to test their strategies using historical data.

One of the key advantages of TrendSpider is its ability to eliminate subjectivity from your trading. By allowing AI to analyze market trends and identify patterns, you can significantly increase your success rate and potential gains.

TrendSpider Pros

  • AI assesses market conditions and identifies patterns for better trading decisions
  • Includes machine learning analysis, real-time market news, economic calendar alerts, portfolio analytics, and backtesting
  • Three plans available, with yearly option for additional savings

TrendSpider Cons

  • New users may require time to familiarize themselves with the platform and technical analysis
  • Algorithmic predictions can be valuable but not infallible
  • TrendSpider’s AI algorithms utilize historical data and market trends for insights

How easy is TrendSpider to use?

3/5. The software is user-friendly and easy enough to use with an intermediate understanding of investing.

How much does TrendSpider cost?

The Basic plan starts at $39/month, the Pro plan starts at $69/month, and the Elite plan starts at $119/month. Additionally, TrendSpider offers a discounted yearly pricing option, which includes two months free.

7. VectorVest

Consider VectorVest as an alternative option for comprehensive investment software, offering data analysis, educational resources, and portfolio management tools alongside its competitors.

By evaluating stocks based on indicators such as relative value, safety, and timing, and assigning each stock a score on a scale of 0 to 99, VectorVest provides users with the necessary tools and resources to create a diversified portfolio that is in line with their investment goals.

Using an advanced algorithm to provide the most advantageous trades, VectorVest can optimize profits and mitigate risks for investors. The platform also provides a range of tools, such as advanced charting, stock screening, and personalized portfolio management, to help you make informed decisions and manage your investments effectively.

VectorVest Pros

  • The platform utilizes an advanced algorithm to identify profitable trades, optimize profits, and mitigate risks
  • VectorVest evaluates stocks based on multiple indicators and assigns scores to help users create a diversified portfolio aligned with their investment goals
  • Users have access to advanced charting tools and stock screening capabilities for in-depth analysis and research

VectorVest Cons

  • Maximizing the benefits of VectorVest’s tools and resources may require a significant time commitment to analyze data and make informed investment decisions

How easy is VectorVest to use?

4/5. Best suited for experienced investors.

How much does VectorVest cost?

VectorVest offers a 30-day trial for new users to experience their service, and a variety of pricing plans, ranging from $59

8. Wealthbase

Wealthbase Fantasy Website

While not a traditional investing app, Wealthbase is a fantasy stock trading game that offers users the opportunity to create avatars and provides a helpful stepping stone for individuals interested in exploring the world of serious investing.

Wealthbase offers a unique and engaging virtual trading experience, allowing users to perform virtual trades on the stock exchange and earn points based on their performance.

This innovative app is specifically designed to assist novice investors in simulating trading fees and testing investment strategies without risking real money. It empowers users to take control of their portfolios.

In addition to the trading game, Wealthbase provides helpful tools such as stock screeners and research reports to guide users in making informed investment decisions.

While it may not have the full range of features found in traditional investing apps, Wealthbase serves as an excellent platform for beginners to learn about investing.

Wealthbase Pros

  • Wealthbase provides a platform for novice investors to practice trading stocks without risking real money
  • The app offers an engaging and interactive way for users to learn about investing and test investment strategies
  • Wealthbase is designed to be accessible and easy to navigate, making it suitable for beginners
Wealthbase Cons
  • Since Wealthbase is a fantasy stock trading game, the skills and strategies developed within the app may not directly translate to real-world investing

How easy is Wealthbase to use?

4/5. As an educational app, the difficulty level will depend on your level of experience.

How much does Wealthbase cost?

Wealthbase offers a free version of its platform that allows users to access basic features and participate in the virtual trading game.

9. Black Box Stocks

Black Box Stocks Website

Experience the power of real-time alerts, a comprehensive market overview, and a supportive community of experienced traders with BlackBox Stocks.

With its comprehensive set of tools and features, such as real-time alerts regarding unusual trading activity, news, and earnings reports, as well as live audio and news feeds, BlackBox Stocks can assist traders in making better-informed decisions and refining their trading strategies.

However, Black Box Stocks can be overwhelming for some users, and there have been reported issues with performance and stability. While the platform’s comprehensive tools and features make it a powerful option for those looking to enhance their trading strategies, it may not be the best choice for everyone.

BlackBox Stocks Pros

  • Box Stocks provides real-time alerts on unusual trading activity, news, and earnings reports, as well as a comprehensive view of the market.
  • The platform offers a community chat feature that allows traders to share ideas, discuss strategies, and learn from experienced traders.
  • Black Box Stocks offers pricing plans that cater to different budgets and investment needs, providing flexibility for users.

BlackBox Stocks Cons

  • The extensive tools and features of Black Box Stocks may be overwhelming for beginners or users who prefer a simpler interface.
  • There have been reported issues with performance and stability on the platform, which may affect the user experience.

How easy is BlackBox to use?

1/5. BlackBox is a platform designed for traders, not for the novice investor. The platform is easy to use but requires a steep learning curve to ensure best practices.

How much does BlackBox cost?

Black Box Stocks caters to a wide range of investors by offering various pricing plans, ranging from $99.97/month to $959/year. 


AI investing apps have undeniably changed how investors approach the stock market, offering powerful tools to analyze data and identify patterns that may not be apparent to the human eye.

However, it’s important to remember that AI investing apps are not infallible, and risks and ethical concerns are associated with their use.

Despite these limitations, AI investing apps have the potential to benefit professional traders, hedge fund managers, portfolio managers, financial advisors, and individual investors alike by enabling data-driven decisions, portfolio optimization, and automated trading strategies.

While AI cannot guarantee future investment success due to unpredictable external factors and reliance on accurate data, it can serve as a valuable complement to human expertise and judgment in the world of investing.

If you are a financial advisor looking to get more leads to attract and serve clients you truly enjoy partnering with, you can see my Free Masterclass here to learn more.