How an accounting firm generated 20, 40 then 50+ leads each month

The challenge

This accounting firm wanted to get accounting leads by targeting people who were looking to buy a hotel or guest house business in the UK. This accountancy firm had a clear niche but no effective way of reaching out to them.

What we did

  • We creating a new campaign on Facebook to target people who were looking to purchase a hotel or guest house in the UK
  • We offered free content related to the tax implications related to buying a hotel / guest house
  • We did continuous split tests to find the best combinations of images, text and audiences for the ads on Facebook
  • You can see an example of some of the Facebook ads we tested below:

The Results

  • We generated a steady stream of new leads every month
  • We were able to generate more leads every month for this client (through split testing) while keeping the clients budget exactly the same each month

Here is an example of how the leads gradually increased each month (without increasing the clients budget):

Month 1 – 14 leads
Month 2 – 10 leads
Month 3 – 18 leads
Month 4 – 18 leads
Month 5 – 35 leads
Month 6 – 56 leads
Month 7 – 46 leads
Month 8 – 56 leads
Month 9 – 60 leads
Month 10 – 56 leads

(Now they generate a steady 50-60+ leads each month)

Note: due to the sensitive nature of social media, some of our clients prefer to remain private.

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