Are you used to generating leads and sales appointments the traditional way (through networking, seminars, referrals, word of mouth, etc), but because of COVID-19, you’re looking for a way to start generating new leads, sales appointments and clients 100% online?

How to start generating leads 100% online

Generating leads online is easier than it looks.

I’m going to break down a simple 4-step process that ANYONE can follow to generate leads online.

The following 4-step process is especially useful if you’re starting out as a beginner. But even if you’re experienced and have been generating leads for a while now (but maybe you’re still struggling to convert these leads into clients?) then the following process will still be helpful.

This 4-step process is what I still use right now for my own business to generate leads every single day.

It’s also what I use for my clients when help them set up systems in their own business to generate predictable leads and sales appointments each month.

So the big question… How does it all work?

Let’s get started…

You can either watch the video above or keep reading to learn how…

Step One: Solve a big painful problem for potential clients

This may sound strange since it doesn’t technically involve generating leads, but it’s essential. In fact, if you don’t get this part right, it doesn’t matter what strategy or method you use to generate leads, it just won’t work very well.

You need to find out what is the biggest problem your potential clients have and position yourself as the BEST solution to that problem.

I go into a lot more detail and show you some examples of how you can do this in Step 1 of my 5 Steps to Predictable Appointments free Masterclass.

Once you are clear on the big problem you solve for potential clients, you need to communicate your solution in the form of a funnel and a video sales letter that educate your potential clients on how they can solve this problem for themselves.

A really simple framework is to have a funnel landing page that has a title relating to the problem that needs to be solved, so they opt-in to watch a free video sales letter that explains how you solve that problem.

In the video sales letter, you can go through some ways they could potentially solve that problem. If they want to learn more about working with you and to get access to your solution, they’d just need to click a button below the video to schedule a call with you.

Top tip: Remember, if the problem you solve isn’t important enough, then most people aren’t really going to care about how to solve it. Which means few people will be interested in what you do and generating leads will be much harder. That’s why it’s so important you really think about the biggest and most painful problem you can solve for potential clients. Again, check out my Free Masterclass for more tips on how to do this.

Step Two: Focus on ONE system to generate leads

A mistake that I see many people make when trying to generate leads is that they try to do everything all at once… Or, they try to use social media without focusing on generating leads. Instead the care more about vanity metrics like followers, engagement, etc.

With so many social media channels and different ways you can use social media on each channel, it’s easy to lose focus on what’s most important: generating leads and winning clients!

Too many social media channels

So I suggest focusing on one system, one channel and one way of generating leads consistently in your business.

Get really good at that one system. Master it. Then when you’re successful with one channel, maybe add another channel later on.

See also: You don’t need 177 ways to generate leads!

If you’re starting out or you don’t have a big budget, use Organic Client Attraction strategies to generate leads. If you have a bigger budget for marketing, then Paid Client Attraction strategies will get you faster results.

Two of my favorite organic client attraction lead generation strategies are: Linkedin direct outreach and SEO by creating content.

And my favorite paid ads client attraction lead generation strategy is using Facebook Ads.

Note: With organic client attraction, the process to generate leads takes more time because you’re putting in manual work to get results, whereas with paid client attraction you’re using paid ads to get results much quicker.

Once you’ve gotten results from one channel, then you can think about adding another. In my own business, I started with LinkedIn, then Google, then Facebook Ads. Now I use all three and recently I’ve started to use YouTube as my fourth channel to generate leads.

You can go in the order that you prefer, depending on who you’re targeting and what stage you are in your business.

If you’d like to learn in more detail how to generate leads on LinkedIn, Google (SEO) and Facebook Ads then be sure to watch the free Masterclass training that I’ve recorded

Step Three: Focus on ONE system to convert leads into clients

It’s crazy how many people start generating leads and then don’t do anything with those leads! 🙁

They might follow up a few times for a few weeks, but that’s it!

So listen to the following KEY point:

Leads do not automatically convert into clients!

It would be great if they did… And sure, sometimes you do get the odd few leads that do convert quickly, but the majority of leads do not.


Usually because they don’t trust you enough yet.

So, you need to build up trust with leads in order for them to know, like and WANT to work with you.

How do you build up trust with leads?

The best way, in my opinion, is to create content answering your potential clients’ questions and follow up with your leads through email marketing, using the content that you’re creating.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even create videos to answer your potential clients questions too.

(And by the way videos are a great way to build up trust much quicker!)

In summary, keep following up with potential clients (leads) and answer all of their questions consistently. Each time you answer one of their questions, you’ll be building up trust.

Eventually you’ll reach the tipping point where you’ve built up enough trust with someone and they want to learn more about working with you.

How long does it take to build trust?

Everyone is different.

I’ve seen leads convert in a week, others in a few months and others in a few years.

The point is, you need to keep showing up consistently to all your leads, and whenever it’s the RIGHT TIME for THEM they will convert into clients.

Step Four: Automate as much as you can!

The steps mentioned previously can be very time-consuming if you’re doing it all on your own… Fortunately, technology can do most of the work for you and save you a LOT of this time.

You can automate your lead generation and the process of following up with leads via email marketing using software such as Kartra (this is the software I use for myself and my clients’ businesses).

I use Kartra to essentially automate my whole business. Every time we generate leads, nurture those leads and convert them into clients, 80-90% is automated through Kartra.

If you want to learn how to automate your digital marketing and find out how you can get access to my done-for-you Kartra automated funnel (with all the follow up emails included) then check out my Free Masterclass training. 

By signing up, you’ll also experience an example of how this automation works first hand. As you go through my funnel, see how the different emails are sent out, how the different pages are put together and use this as inspiration for how you can do exactly the same kind of thing in your own business.