The blueprint for your business to succeed with lead generation on social media

Start with a marketing and sales funnel

Every strategy starts here… Watch this video to learn:

1. What is a marketing and sales funnel

2. Why you need one if you want more leads and sales

3. How we can help you create one as part of your social media plan

Our approach to social strategy

  • Research

    We look at what your most successful competitors are doing online (their ads, websites, offers, etc), how you compare to them and what makes you unique.

    Create a blueprint for your marketing and sales funnel

  • Create

    Using a combination of our experience, competitor research and what we know about your business we will create a marketing and sales funnel tailored for you

    We set up and create your marketing and sales funnel

  • Review

    Once we’ve finished setting up your marketing and sales funnel, we will review it together and go through how it all works. Then you can decide if you want us to manage it for you or you want to manage it yourself in-house.

    Review your marketing and sales funnel and explain how it all works

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the strategy take?

Usually 2-3 weeks.

Who is the strategy call with?

All strategy calls are with Ashley Davis.

What happens after the strategy?

Now that you have a system to generate leads and sales systematically, we can either manage that system for you or train you or your team on how to do it yourself.

What does the strategy include?

We create a marketing and sales funnel for your business. In other words, you’ll have a system to help your business generate leads every month at the click of a button. 

I want you to train me (or my team) after the plan. How much will that cost?

Prices start from £195 ($250) per hour, depending on how much training and support you require.

Is the plan done in person or virtually?

The plan is done virtually over the phone or by using online web conferencing software such as

Who can I bring on the calls for the plan?

Anyone in your team. We recommend that the business owner and anyone who deals with marketing and sales in your company to be involved in the calls.

This sounds great! How do I get started?

The first step is to fill in our application form and then you can schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us

Sounds great!

So, how much does this cost?

Free Training

Learn how to generate more high quality sales calls each month using social media.