Why are some businesses super successful meanwhile 8 out of 10 fail? Why do some people stand out above the rest and make a difference in this world and most people continue doing what their comfortable with (even if they are not truly happy)?

According to Simon Sinek the answer is simple: It’s not what you do, It’s WHY you do it.

This can be applied to yourself and also your business.

If someone asked you “What does your business do?” I’m sure you could come up with an answer. But if someone asked you “Why does your business exist?” what would you say?

This is so important.

This video on TED has been out for a while but if you haven’t yet seen it make sure you check it out now:

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So what is your Why?

After watching the video, can you now answer that question?

It might not come to you straight away but definitely take some time to figure it out.

This is important because for the success of any marketing campaign (especially social media) you need to be clear about what is is you do, how you do it and most importantly why you and your business does what it does.

At Skyline Social, in case you’re wondering, here is our why:

We exist to help businesses generate predictable high quality sales appointments each month

We’ve been working on our “why” for some time now and we still occasionally keeping refining it as the months and years go by.

So what is your why? I look forward to working with you one day and finding out.

P.S. To learn how you can generate predictable sales appointments each month, watch this short video here.