People Based Website Visitor Tracking

Your website visitors are not just numbers. They are real people. With our technology you can identify the people that visit your website and market to them forever.

We track your website visitors differently

The traditional method of tracking your website visitors relies on cookies and IP addresses. Cookies expire and IP addresses are not accurate. We track and resolve the identity of real indiviual people who visit your website.

Cookie / IP based Tracking (Old Technology)

Put a cookie on your website and retarget people. Or use IP address tracking to know which company has visited your website.

People Based Tracking (New Technology)

Put a smart pixel on your website that identifies real verified people. Retarget them anywhere for as long as you like. Or reach out to people individually via email or direct mail as part of your outbound sales and marketing.

How our method works

Here is a typical scenario of what you can do with our tech:

1. You place our smart pixel on your website

2. Jack visits your website from an advertisement. He’s interested in what you do but not quite ready to buy yet.

3. With our technology, you can retarget Jack and show ads to him anywhere he goes (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest or thousands of other websites he might visit). 

4. Unlike cookies which usually expire in 30 days, you can continue to educate Jack through your content and advertisements as often as you like for as long as you like. 

5. Three months have passed and Jack is now ready to make a buying decision. He remembers and trusts your business because of the on-going education he has seen through your ads over time.

6. Jack visits your website multiple times to learn more about what you do

7. At this point Jack will most likely reach out to you. But… even if he doesn’t, because we give Jack a “lead score” out of 10, we can see that Jack has a very high lead score – meaning he is visiting your website very often.

8. With our technology you can reach out to Jack directly and start a conversation with him via email or phone, even if he doesn’t reach out to you.

9. One way or another, you get a meeting with Jack

10. You win Jack as a client


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