Social media ambassadors are not only a great means to unifying your company as a brand, but also empowers your employees to share a human perspective of your company that people naturally gravitate to – people want to connect on a personal level, and these days the platform for this connection is online.


Naturally, social media guidelines and guidance must be put in place when choosing the right candidates to share your company’s message. In this article you’ll discover how to turn your employees into successful brand advocates.

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Create an ambassador strategy

Though employees may be eager to join your company ambassador program, intention and execution can be hugely disparate. Your employees may not know exactly how to share content, what to share, or simply can’t find the time to fit it into their hectic schedules. This is where creating a coherent strategy and training program is key to social success. Like anything in business, you must have a plan.

Plan how you will get your employees to share content

In order for your employees to spread the word via social media channels, they have to be active on main social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The platform they use will depend on their personal preferences as well as the preferred platforms for your brand. By creating professional profiles, employees will have the opportunity to share content that makes them look good, while increasing your social brand value.

Train your employees (and yourselves)

If you hire a company to do your social media marketing, it is important that you get them to train your staff too. No campaign can be successful without guidelines.

During their training, employees should first be made aware of exactly what your company stands for, and then certain rules of engagement and protocols that apply to your company’s vision. Social media posts should be consistent in tone and may include company hashtags.

Make it easy to share your content

Employees will want to share content that makes them proud to be part of the company and that is interesting. Your job is to create the kind of content that ambassadors want to share and that is suited to different platforms. However, you shouldn’t expect them to be “logged-on” to your company social 24/7.

Make materials readily available for your ambassadors, so that they don’t need to invest too much time in searching for relevant posts. A great way to feed them content is by collating some of your best performing daily/weekly company content – from blogs, websites, social media and even HR – and store them on a social storage platform that enables employees to simply choose from a vast pool of unique content.

Bonus: Share this 2 minute video we created to show your employees how they can share your company’s content from Twitter:

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