Are you tired of getting low-quality leads with Facebook Ads? If so, here are three of my best tips on how to get higher quality leads with Facebook Ads.

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Before you generate high-quality leads on Facebook Ads, it’s important you have the right STRATEGY.

Without the right strategy, it doesn’t matter what you do, it won’t work very well.

Watch this video to learn the 5-step strategy to get 10, 15, 30 or more high-quality appointments each month.

Once you’ve finished watching the video, keep reading to learn what you can specifically do with your Facebook Ads to improve your lead quality.

Tip 1: Choose the Facebook Ads Conversion Objective

Facebook Ads Conversion Objective

When it comes to choosing the best Facebook ads objective for leads, both the “Lead Generation” and the “Conversions” objectives can work well.

However, if your goal is to get higher quality leads, then the Facebook ads “Conversions” objective in most cases will be better.

Here’s why:

With Facebook ads lead forms (the “lead generation” objective), it’s VERY EASY for anyone to submit a form. The Facebook Ad lead forms in many cases come pre-filled. So you might be thinking, “… Isn’t that a GOOD thing?”

Well, it depends on your objective.

If your goal is to generate a large QUANTITY of leads, then yes.

If your goal is to get high QUALITY leads, then no.

Facebook Ads Lead Form

Here’s what most people don’t realize about the Facebook “Lead Generation” objective:

Because it’s very easy to generate leads and there’s very little friction, you can get leads with people who are not very interested in what you do.

Sometimes people can even forget that they filled out a form online, so when you later contact them they get annoyed!

How the Facebook Ads Algorithm Determines Lead Quality

Facebook’s algorithm is constantly looking at the people that fill out your Facebook Ads lead form.

Facebook then optimizes your ads to show your ad to more people who are likely to fill out the form in the future.

But the problem is, if the form is so easy to fill out, not everyone who fills out the form will be a good lead.

So over time, Facebook will continue showing your ad to more people who are likely to fill out the form, even if these people are not good quality leads.

In other words, Facebook is optimizing your lead generation ads for quantity rather than quality.

How the Facebook Ads Conversion Objective is better

Because someone needs to go to a landing page and fill out a form with the Facebook Ads “Conversion” objective there is more friction before someone becomes a lead. Some might think this is a bad thing. But it depends.

If someone still fills out a form despite the additional friction, it shows they are a lot more motivated to learn more about how you can help them. In other words, they are more likely to convert into a client and they are higher quality leads.

Facebook’s algorithm then looks at the people that convert with the Facebook ads Conversion objective and they show your ads to more people that are likely to convert. Facebook’s algorithm is now optimizing your lead gen ads for quality, rather than quantity.

Top Tip: Adding friction before someone becomes a lead is all about balance. The more friction you add, the better the quality the lead, but the fewer leads you will get. The less friction you add, the more leads you can get, but the lower the quality they will be. So, it’s good to strike a balance of having a little bit of friction (to increase lead quality) but not too much friction where you get very little leads. In most cases, you will need to test different options to see which works better for you and your business.

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Tip 2: Filter People Out in Your Ad Text

Another way to get higher quality leads with your Facebook Ads is to be VERY CLEAR who your ad is for in the ad itself.

Why is this important?

Facebook’s algorithm looks at who stops to read your ad and who clicks on it. Based on this data, it shows your ad to more people that follow the same behavior.

So your ad must get your potential clients to stop and click, rather than everyone else. You want everyone else who is NOT a potential client, to ignore your ad.

By doing this, Facebook will optimize your ads and show them to the right kind of people (your potential clients) which will increase your Facebook ads lead quality.

Tip 3: Build Trust First In Your Ads

A lot of business owners are using Facebook ads just to get someone to fill out a form and then they’re calling and emailing them constantly to try and speak to them.

However, this strategy is very difficult to do successfully.

By doing this you’ll most likely:

  • Annoy leads by constantly following up with them
  • Waste time chasing leads
  • Think the lead quality is not very good when it might just be the strategy that isn’t very good

I recommend you provide value to leads first BEFORE trying to chase them to get an appointment.

So, instead of getting them to fill out a form to learn more about how you can help them, get them to fill out a form to watch a short video that explains how you solve a problem that they have FIRST. After they watch the video, then allow them to schedule a call with you if they want to learn more.

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By doing this, you’ll get leads chasing to work with YOU, rather than you chasing leads to work with them.

To see in more detail how this strategy works, watch this video.

I also recommend you use a video when doing this. Sure, written content can work and it’s nice. But a video is a lot more engaging and effective at getting leads to convert into appointments.

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