How to generate financial advisor leads

For any business, generating new leads is crucial to success. Leads are what fuel a business. Leads help a business to keep growing.

This is especially true with financial advisors, wealth managers, financial planners, RIAs and insurance agents.

The problem many financial advisors face, however, is that the traditional avenues for generating these leads (things like getting referrals, word of mouth, networking, etc) are slow, unpredictable and difficult to scale.

The solution? Lead generation… with a twist.

Instead of generating “leads” with people who have no interest in actually speaking with you… What if you could attract your ideal clients and get them chasing to work with YOU?

In this article we’re going to show you how you can do exactly that.

The biggest challenge for financial advisors

The biggest problem financial advisors face when trying to generate new leads is that they rely mainly on outdated methods of reaching their potential clients.

These include referrals, word of mouth, and networking.

As I mentioned, although these traditional avenues can work, many advisors find they are often unreliable, inefficient and definitely not predictable or scalable.

To put this is in perspective, imagine you’re at a business networking event. There are 100 people in the room, but only 3 are looking for your services right now. You could theoretically go round the room speaking to every person until you find the 3 that are actually interested in your services.

But what if you had a way to attract the 3 people that are looking for your services to you? You would save both time and money.

When we talk about “lead generation” and “generating sales appointments” we believe quality is better than quantity. It’s better to speak to a few really good quality prospects than speak to a hundred people who are not going to be a good fit and just waste your time.

The best lead generation options for financial advisors

When it comes to lead generation for financial advisors, there are two popular options:

  • The first is lead sharing, where you’ll pay less for each lead but, as the name suggests, you’re sharing it with around 3-5 of your competitors.
  • The second option is to go it alone and try to figure out all this marketing, lead generation, LinkedIn and Facebook ads stuff yourself. You might figure it out in a year… or two… or maybe never. Most people who go it alone spend years trying to learn and never get any results.

So, what if there was an even better option?

A Skyline Social, we can give you a battle-tested and high converting system designed to generate high quality sales calls specifically for financial advisors. You can see what this system looks like in this short video exclusively for financial advisors.

Going from lead generation to lead conversion

Is generating leads the last step in this process? Not quite. A lead doesn’t equal a new client. Not yet anyway.

A lead means someone has expressed interest in what you do and would like to learn more…

But you still need to nurture your leads and build trust with them so they convert into a client.

Statistics show that 80% of the sales are likely to come from after the 5th touch point. Most advisors who generate leads only follow up once or twice, missing out on huge opportunities.

We recommend you follow up with the leads several times until they respond for best results.

At Skyline Social, we give our clients a complete fully automated system to automatically follow up with new leads as they come through so it doesn’t take up all of your time. All you need to do is focus on having conversations and high quality sales appointments with prospects that are actually interested in being your client.

To see an example of how these follow up automations work… you can see them in action by going through our own marketing and sales funnel. We practice what we preach. So click here to watch the video and see how it all works in action.