Are you looking to convert more leads into paying clients as soon as possible? The number 1 roadblock to getting leads to convert into clients is: TRUST!

In this video, I’ll show you 3 ways to build more trust with leads so they convert into clients.


How to use content to convert more leads into clients

What are you doing right now? Consuming free content!

Somehow you found this article (or video) and decided to learn more about how to convert leads into clients using content, email marketing and video.

This is a perfect example of how content can build trust.

So, in your business, you need to be creating content…

But… don’t just create any content!

You need to be creating content that will answer your potential clients questions.

The more questions you answer in your free content, the more likely you are to build trust with potential clients.

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How to use email marketing to convert leads into clients

Most people know that following up via email is important to convert more leads into clients.

But you might be wondering…

  • ‘What do I actually say when you follow up with leads using email marketing?’
  • ‘How can I follow up with leads without being annoying?’

The answer is simple. Use your content as a reason to follow up with leads over email.

It’s also a good idea to automate your email marketing.

I use Kartra to automate my email marketing. You can get a trial and learn more about Kartra here:

How to use video to convert more leads into clients

You’ve probably heard the old saying that ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. Well, if that’s true, then a video speaks a million words.

Creating video is kinda related to my first point about creating content… But it’s so important that I wanted to put a special focus on creating video content specifically.

Video content is a great way to build up trust with potential clients much more rapidly than traditional written content (blog posts, articles, etc).

You can create a variety of video content, such as video sales letters (VSL), webinars, masterclasses, etc.

The important thing is to create a video that explains how you help potential clients and then tell them what they need to do next to work with you (for example, book a sales appointment with you).

To learn more about building trust with video content, check out the free masterclass training I’ve recorded here.