Are you sending direct messages on LinkedIn to generate leads, sales appointments and clients for your business?

If so, then in the following video I’m going to show you ONE simple change that you can make in your LinkedIn messaging strategy to double the amount of leads, sales appointments and clients you get from LinkedIn right now.

Watch the video below for the full tutorial:

How most people are sending LinkedIn Direct Messages

Right now, most people on LinkedIn are sending the typical (and often annoying) “LinkedIN sales message”, where you pitch your services to people you connect to on LinkedIn or ask them to have a “15 minute phone call with you to see if there are any synergies to work together”.

Here’s why this doesn’t work that well:

People you’ve just connected to on LinkedIn don’t yet know, like or trust you.

Trust is the key thing here.

Why would someone jump on a phone call with you if they don’t trust you?

Why would they hire your services if they don’t know you?

So, instead, here’s what you should do:

Built trust FIRST then ask for a phone call

How can you do that?


Instead of asking people if they want to have a 15-minute *cough* sales *cough* call or pitching them your services… Ask them if they want to see a short free video presentation that explains how you can solve a problem that your potential clients have.

In this short video presentation (also known as a video sales letter – VSL), explain to prospects:

  • How they can solve their problem
  • What are some alternative ways they can solve their problem
  • Why is your solution better than these alternative solutions
  • IF they want to learn more about your solution to click the button below the video to learn more

This way you’re building up trust with people you connect to on LinkedIn first and you’ll be able to generate more leads, sales appointments and clients from your cold LinkedIn outreach messaging strategy.

How do you create a LinkedIn Video Sales Letter?

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