Are you looking for a way to earn passive income by mining crypto altcoins?

Unfortunately, the crypto market (along with the stock market too) has been in decline in recent times. This makes earning passive income mining cryptocurrency more difficult because most of the coins you mine or earn are declining in price. 

However, there are still a few crypto projects that are able to earn cryptocurrency that can be exchanged to BTC, USD or other currencies of your choice. 

So with that in mind, here are the best crypto miners to earn passive income in a bear market or crypto market crash. 

Disclaimer: this article is not financial advice. Always do your own research before investing in anything and remember that all these investments carry high amounts of risk, especially cryptocurrency! This article may also include affiliate links where I may earn commission at no additional cost to you if you decide to make a purchase. 

Best crypto miners (summary)

If you’re short on time, here are the top 3 crypto altcoin miners for passive income:

What are the best crypto miners?

Here’s a more detailed list of the best crypto miners on the market right now:

1. MXC March X M2 Pro

The match x m2 pro miner is surprisingly the ONLY miner right now that still earns a stable income in a bear market. As a result, it’s currently listed as my number one crypto miner for passive income in a bear market. 

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M2 Pro Miner Pros

  • Earns $5-$10/day depending on the price of the MXC token
  • MXC Token price has been fairly stable even during crypto crash
  • Easy to use plug and play device
  • Make profit within 12 months (assuming MXC token price stays the same)
  • Fast shipping times
  • Works worldwide

M2 Pro Miner Cons

  • More expensive than other Altcoin miners (but still cheaper than many Bitcoin miners)

Overall, I’ve been very satisfied with my M2 pro miner. Compared to my Helium miner, my M2 pro miner was easier to set up and still earns a lot more than my Helium miner. 

The price might be a bit steep for some people (when compared to helium or PlanetWatch devices) but it’s still a lot cheaper than buying most Bitcoin miners. 

So, if you’re looking for an altcoin miner where you can make profit within 12 months, this might be worth looking into.

In my opinion, the M2 Pro Miner is the best bitcoin miner alternative, the best alternative to helium mining and one of the best altcoin crypto miners.

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2. PlanetWatch Miners

PlanetWatch miners are air quality devices that earn the Planet token by sharing your air quality data with other businesses and organizations. 

PlanetWatch Pros

  • Air quality data is being bought and sold (in small quantity)
  • Easy to use plug and play devices
  • Miners are relatively cheap
  • Has great potential in the future if the Planet token price increases again

PlanetWatch Cons

  • The Planet token price is low right now (making it less profitable)

I really like the concept behind PlanetWatch and I think it’s a great idea. The idea of monetizing air quality data and rewarding people that own the air quality sensors has a lot of potential.

However, the only downside is that there is not a lot of buy pressure for the Planet token right now. This means the price of the Planet token has been constantly dropping as people sell their tokens to cash out. 

So the company needs to seriously sell a LOT more air quality data to create more buy pressure for the plane tokens. And so far they haven’t made any huge sales (yet!). Only small sales.

PlanetWatch is definitely a long-term project if you decide to get involved. So if you buy a Planetwatch device, don’t expect to make any profit until many years into the future IF the price of the planet token increases because they’re able to sell the data. 

Either way, it’s an interesting project and worth looking into if you think it has long potential. 

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3. Helium 5G bobcat miner

The Bobcat 5G miner rewards you with Helium tokens for sharing your 5G hotspot with IOT (internet of things) devices. 

Product Pros

  • 5G is in huge demand
  • At one point Helium price was very high and it might get there again after the crypto crash

Product Cons

  • Price of Helium token is very low right now
  • Lots of customers who purchased Helium LongFi miners were left disappointed when Helium decreased rewards for these miners to replace them with 5G miners

Lots of customers who purchased helium Lofi miners were left disappointed when Helium decreased rewards for them

Helium at one time was a very profitable crypto mining project. The device would cost around $500 and as long as you had your device in a well connected area, you could earn over $500 in one month. 

I actually remember earning around $900 in one month with one of my helium bobcat miners. 

However, ever since the crypto crash, the price of the helium token has gone down severely, making this project less profitable. And to make matters worse, a lot of customers were disappointed when helium stopped rewarding their original LongFi crypto miners as much as they used to. And instead gave more rewards to their new 5G miners instead. 

However, if you still believe a decentralized network of 5G miners could be valuable in the future then it’s worth doing your own research and looking into this project further.  

The bottom line

Mining crypto is very risky but their are some projects that have potential. I own both an M2 pro miner, various PlanetWatch miners and one helium miner. 

Overall, my favorite cryto miner is the m2 pro miner. I love that I can just leave it on in the background without never having to worry about it. 

If investing in crypto is too risky right now, it might be worth looking into alternative investments such as universal life insurance to build wealth tax-free or private wealth management to try to avoid losing money in the stock market.  

Trade cryptocurrency back to your bank

All of these crypto miners allow you to trade the altcoins into bitcoin or usd. If you trade it into bitcoin, you can then use different companies to trade BTC to USD. Because of the risks involved with holding cryptocurrency lately, I’d recommend trading the crypto into your personal or business bank account as soon as realistically possible.