The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly changing how we interact with technology, making our lives more creative, easier, and more efficient.

From virtual assistants to natural language generation and learning, AI is at a level where we can rely on, and use it, in everyday life.

I personally continue to use some of these apps in my business, and in my personal life, and some of them, I use just for fun. After reading this article, the 9 best AI apps (free & paid), I can almost guarantee you will too!

Let’s dive in.

Quick Summary

For your convenience, here is a quick breakdown of this article’s main talking points:

  • Explore the top 9 apps powered by AI that set an example of AI has to offer.
  • Socratic, AI Writer & more, revolutionize your life with these amazing tools.
  • Learn a new language, book your next holiday, optimize your gym game, or summarize those marathon meetings, all with AI!

If you are anything like me, you are constantly looking for ways AI can help you grow your business. The truth is, while AI is clearly capable of a lot, it hasn’t quite mastered client acquisition (yet)..

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What are the best AI apps right now?

1. Socratic


Many people fear that AI will disrupt the education sector for the worst, Socratic is here to disrupt the way we look at education for the better.

Using Google AI technology, Socratic can help high-school and university students with homework.

Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to absorb the written text and transform it into a searchable question, Socratic will take your query and present you with a wealth of resources ranging from detailed explanations, audio-visual tutorials, infographics, and Q&A sessions.

Instead of just searching and ciphering through Google results, or relying on ChatGPt for inaccurate results, Socratic helps students genuinely understand much-needed concepts related to their search results.

Socratic Pros

  • OCR technology for easy query submission
  • Comprehensive resources for enhanced understanding
  • Collaboration with experts for reliable information

Socratic Cons

  • Potential misuse as a shortcut without understanding the material


Socratic costs $10/month.

2. ChatGPT


If you are interested in AI, you likely have this app already. Nonetheless, ChatGPT is still worth a mention given it is very useful and is considered one of the best AI apps.

ChatGPT is an incredible AI app that not only offers amazing features but is also completely free! It’s a versatile tool that can assist you with various tasks, including finding birthday gift ideas, generating business ideas, and even helping you with complex tasks such as data science or programming.

ChatGPT makes it easy for anyone to access its valuable assistance. By learning how to prompt the AI effectively, you can unlock even more potential and maximize your creativity.

The capabilities of ChatGPT are endless. However, it is not always accurate, and for the free version, you will only have access to knowledge up to 2021.

ChatGPT Pros

  • Incredible AI app with amazing features
  • Completely free to use
  • Learning to prompt effectively enhances creativity
  • User-friendly interface for easy accessibility
  • Endless capabilitiesCons

ChatGPT Cons

  • Accuracy may vary
  • The free version has knowledge limited up to 2021


ChatGPT is Free, or $20/month for the Plus plan which offers the more relevant GPT-4 technology.

3. Hopper


One of the most exhausting parts of traveling for business (or even for personal reasons) is planning and price matching. With Hopper, you can rest assured you are getting the best price in real-time for everything you need in one place.

You can book flights, hotels, homes, and rental cars with an AI-supported interface. You also get rewarded for making bookings or referring the app to your friends, which can be used instantly or applied to future trips.

Even better, the Disruption Protection Plan in Hopper allows users to get instantly rebooked without extra expenses in case they miss their connecting flight or their flight gets delayed.

Travel planning has never been so easy.

Hopper Pros

  • Real-time price matching
  • All-in-one booking platform
  • Disruption Protection Plan

Hopper Cons

  • Can lack customer support



4. Fitness AI

Fitness AI

Fitness AI is an AI-powered app that helps you achieve your fitness goals by providing personalized workout plans. Many studies have found that strong physical fitness helps you perform better at work and in your own business.

The AI app optimizes sets, reps, and weights for each exercise, ensuring that users get the most out of their workouts.

By offering personalized workout plans from health experts tailored to the user’s fitness goals, Fitness AI ensures that users stay motivated and on track to achieve their desired results.

Fitness AI Pros

  • Personalized workout plans tailored to individual fitness goals
  • Optimization of sets, reps, and weights for each exercise
  • Assistance from health experts for motivation and guidance

Fitness AI Cons

  • Lack of in-person guidance and feedback


Fitness AI costs $3.99/week or a discounted $89.99/year.

5. Remini


Using AI, Remini has the power to bring some of your favorite photos back from the depths of low quality and enhances them to a level that is beyond Instagram-worthy.

With its easy-to-use user interface and impressive results, Remini brings back faded colors, reduces noise, and sharpens details, breathing new life into cherished images.

With its versatility in handling different types of images and the option for a premium subscription, Remini is an essential tool for anyone looking to restore and enhance their favorite photos, giving them a new lease on life.

Remini Pros

  • Restores faded colors, reduces noise, and sharpens details
  • Versatility in handling various types of photos

Remini Cons

  • May experience artifacts


Whilst you can use Remini for free, you can opt-in for the pro version at $9.99/week for extensive features such as quicker results.

6. Cleo


Cleo is an AI budget and debt management tool designed to give you a birds-eye view of your finances as well as look at in-depth details to learn what you can do to improve your finances.

The app helps you to manage your finances with automated budgeting, expense tracking, and savings goals.

Features include auto-save, round-up, swear jar, and set & forget. It also features a personalized AI-powered chatbot where you can discuss any queries in real-time.

With Cleo, you are able to take the hard work out of your personal budgeting.

Cleo Pros

  • Automated budgeting, expense tracking, and savings goals
  • Features like an auto-save, round-up, swear jar, and set & forget
  • Breakdown of expenses and monthly bill reminders
  • Real-time AI-powered assistance

Cleo Cons

  • Poor customer support rating
  • No instant transfer


Cleo is available for free.

7. Youper


Youper is demonstrating how AI can be beneficial in the realm of mental health, and it is leading the charge.

This incredible AI-powered app empowers users to take control of their emotional well-being through quick conversations and personalized meditations.

Youper aims to help individuals gain better self-understanding and track their moods effectively utilizing AI technology to then offer personalized techniques tailored to each user’s needs.

Youper Pros

  • Empowers users to take control of their emotional well-being
  • Offers quick conversations and personalized meditations
  • Aims to enhance self-understanding and mood tracking
  • Utilizes AI technology to provide personalized techniques

Youper Cons

  • Reliance on technology for emotional support
  • Limited human interaction


Youper starts at $24/week onwards.

8. OtterPilot


When it comes to transcribing and summarizing notes from valuable meetings and conversations, OtterPilot is a productivity hack.

Using advanced AI technology, this app listens to your conversations in real-time and transcribes them into written notes.

It works seamlessly with popular meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. You can easily search for specific information, playback the audio at your preferred speed, and even edit and highlight the text. It’s like having a super-efficient assistant who never misses a detail.

Not only does OtterPilot capture the entire conversation in grand detail, but it also creates an automated summary of the meeting!


OtterPilot costs $16.99/month, or $99.99/year.

9. Duolingo Max

Duolingo max

Duolingo is another well-known app that many people already have on their phones. However, this app just got a whole lot smarter.

Duolingo is now a language-learning app that offers interactive lessons, games, and activities to help users learn new languages quickly and easily.

Duolingo Max however integrates with GPT-4 – the leading AI natural language processing tech – to take the language learning processing to another level with features like Explain My Answer and Roleplay.

Explain My Answer will give you an interactive experience where you can delve further into your results. Roleplay on the other hand allows you to practice real-world conversations with characters within the app so that you get hands-on experience engaging with your chosen language.

Although a nice touch to Duolingo, I personally would like to see this embedded into the stock version of Duolingo as AI continues to become the standard.

Duolingo Pros

  • Interactive language lessons, games, and activities
  • Integration with GPT-4 for enhanced language learning
  • Explain My Answer feature for interactive feedback
  • Roleplay feature for real-world conversation practice

Duolingo Cons

  • Preference for AI features to be embedded in the stock version
  • Only available for Spanish and French for English speakers


Duolingo Max costs $30/month.


AI apps are transforming the way we live, learn, and work, offering a wide range of tools and capabilities to help users with various tasks.

From fitness routines, to travel planning and personal budgeting, AI apps are making a significant impact on our lives.