Why getting sales appointments on-demand is important

Can you relate to any of the following:

  • Do you start each month wondering where your next client is going to come from?
  • Do you hate the idea of having to chase leads to work with you? Wouldn’t it be better if they were the ones chasing you instead?
  • Are you finding the traditional ways of marketing (cold calling, relying on referrals, going to networking events, sending out printed material, etc) are not as effective as they used to be?
  • Have you tried paying for leads from a lead gen company but all you got were shared leads or low quality leads that you can never seem to get hold of?
  • Have you tried paying a monthly retainer to another marketing company but struggled to get any real tangible results?
  • Do you believe marketing is important, but everything you’ve tried in the past just hasn’t worked… and you can’t figure out why?

These (and more) are the types of problems I hear all the time from potential clients that I speak to on the phone.

When I hear these problems, I know that the root of the issue all comes down to ONE thing: being stuck in the “old” marketing model.

To get away from these problems, you need to move to the NEW marketing model.

in the NEW marketing model, you’ll be able to get predictable sales appointments, every single month, on-demand – with prospects that actually want to speak to you and learn more about your services.

The old way of getting sales appointments

When I lived in London I used to go to a lot of networking events, speak at local seminars and small business events to pick up new clients.

It was tiring and time consuming, but it did work (to a certain extent). I did pick up quite a bit of new business from it.

The thing is, I never thought there was another (or an even better) way to win clients.

But, when I moved to Miami, I had no choice but to find another (better) way to win more clients.

Logically, I thought, if I could get more sales appointments, I would win more clients.

But the BIG question was:

How on earth do you get more sales appointments?

And not just any sales appointments…

How do you get sales appointments with the RIGHT kind of prospects? You know, the ones that you actually enjoy working with… and the ones that will value working with you too?

I didn’t want to spend countless hours networking.

I didn’t want to rely on referrals.

I didn’t want to cold call, send out printed material, speak at events or do anything like that.

I wanted one SIMPLE system that would get me predictable high quality appointments each month.

The new way of getting sales appointments

I started by using social media (since you can find your potential clients there) to try and get predictable sales appointments.

I shared content every day, created lots of blogs, liked other people’s posts, created videos, I even created a podcast.. I basically did what everyone else said you need to do to get “more leads”.

And sure, i did pick up SOME leads (and even a few sales appointments) from those methods… but it still wasn’t good enough.

It was taking up way too much of my time…

So I decided to do LESS.

I realized that 80% of my results on social media came from 20% of my efforts.

(Yep, the good ol’ pareto principle)

So I stopped doing 80% of the work that would get slow results and focused only on the 20% that would bring in the BEST results.

I cancelled my podcast, I stopped creating content everyday, I stopped uploading videos on YouTube, I stopped creating a new different webinar every month… I stopped almost everything.

And I kept things simple and focused on the main goal.

Stay focused on what gets results

Here’s what I did:

1 – I create ONE marketing funnel (not 10 different funnels) designed to take prospects from a stranger, to a lead, to a sales appointment and all the way to a client.

2 – I focused on ONE way of getting potential clients into that funnel.

In my case, I used LinkedIn.

I didn’t do a million things on LinkedIn either.

I just did one thing that took about 5-10 minutes a day to get about 20-30 good quality appointments each month.

These two things gave me ONE simple system to generate predictable sales appointments each month.

Then I slowly (and carefully) started adding a few more things to scale up and get even more results (Facebook ads, email marketing follow up automation, retargeting, creating content, etc.)

But I did that ONLY after I had ONE proven system that generated predictable sales appointments each month.

The lesson?


There are hundreds of distractions these days. Especially on social media.

You don’t need to do a hundred different things to get results.

Just focus on one system that gets results… and then do more in the future.

Get predictable sales appointments in 30 days

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Stay Focused!