You’ve probably heard by now about Apple’s New iOS 14 privacy update which is designed to STOP apps like Facebook and Google from tracking you on your phone.

You might be wondering:

  • What is Apple’s new iOS 14 2021 privacy update?
  • When will Apple’s new iOS 14 2021 privacy update happen?
  • How will Apple’s new iOS 14 2021 privacy update affect Facebook Ads?
  • Will iOS 14 2021 affect Facebook Conversion or Lead Generation Campaigns?

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Facebook vs Apple: Who is right?

Facebook have gone as far as publicly saying what APPLE is doing is WRONG and they even went as far as buying an old school full page newspaper ad to let people know that this is going to affect businesses in a BAD way….

Apple vs Facebook Privacy Newspaper Ad

And if you already have run Facebook ads in the past, then you might have also got an email letting you know about these changes…

New Facebook Ad Apple iOS changes

Now from a user perspective you might thinking “This is great! I’m now going to have more privacy online.”

But from a business perspective, especially if you run ads or your thinking of running ads, you might be thinking… How will this privacy change affect my Facebook Ads?

In this video I answer two questions:

1. What exactly are Apple’s New Privacy updates
2. How will this affect you if you run or are thinking of running Facebook ads?

Watch the video here:

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Or, if you prefer to read what these changes mean for your Facebook Ads, then keep scrolling to find the answer…

Let’s get started…

What are Apple’s New iOS 14 2021 Privacy updates?

If we go to Apple’s Developer page, you can see that they say “you will need to receive the user’s permission through the AppTrackingTransparency framework to track them or access their device’s advertising identifier.”

Apple Tracking Facebook Ad Permissions

And in 2021 by default all apps will turn off tracking UNLESS the user specifically gives the app permission to track them.

But let’s be real…

Most people when given the option “Do you want the app to track you?” are going to select NO…

How will Apple’s new iOS 14 Privacy Change Affect Facebook Ads?

When these changes go into effect (most likely around Q1 2021), Facebook won’t be able to know which apps you’re using and they won’t be able to display targeted ads inside these apps.

So, will this affect YOUR business?

Well, it depends on HOW you’re using Facebook ads.

First of all, this change is mainly going to affect ads in the Facebook audience network.

What is the Facebook Audience network?

In short, it’s Facebook ads that appear on apps. You can learn more about the Facebook audience network here. According to Facebook, $1.5 billion dollars were paid to publishers and developers in 2018. So when thee changes go into affect, it will likely mean a huge loss in revenue for apps that generate revenue through ads and for Facebook as a business itself.

But what if like me, you don’t have your own app….

What if like me (and most of my clients) you just use Facebook Ads to generate leads, appointments and clients? Will these changes affect you?

From a lead gen perspective, most leads do NOT come from the audience network.

Most leads come from the Facebook or Instagram news feed.

The audience network is more effective when it comes to building brand awareness and when retargeting people.

So if you’re running ads mainly to generate leads, appointments and clients… You can check right now where most of your leads come from and I can almost guarantee most of your leads will come from either the Facebook or Instagram news feed.

Who will be affected by the limited Facebook Audience Network ads?

I think the biggest businesses that will be affected will be businesses that have their own app that relies on ads to generate revenue.

So, if that’s you, this change is going to be bad for you. And that’s why Facebook themselves said that this change will affect apps that are free and rely on ads to generate revenue and that’s why they are going to either die (because the apps can’t make any money) or they are going to have to switch to a subscription model (where the app is no longer free and you have to pay for it).

And Facebook is obviously going to lose a lot money in this process. But if apps do switch to subscription base model, this does actually help Apple because they get a percentage of the revenue made from in-app subscriptions and purchases (also known as the ‘Apple Tax’).

So it will be interesting to see what happens next year.

Facebook have said they’re working on ways to get round this, so we’ll just have to wait and see if they figure something out… But if they don’t, it might mean next year we see LESS free apps with ads and more paid apps instead.

Will Facebook ads detailed targeting be affected with Apple iOS 14?

Most of the data Facebook uses to show people targeted ads comes from the Facebook pixel. So although Facebook will lose SOME data from apps, they will still have lots of data from the Facebook pixel still available to them.

You can learn how this work in more detail by watching this video here:

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