When posting social media updates on the social media channels for your business, you need to find high-quality content that would be interesting, relevant and engaging for your target audience.

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There are two primary ways you can do this: the quick and low-quality way (aggregated content) or the high-quality and more time-consuming way (curated content).

Let’s dig a bit deeper.

What is aggregated content?

Aggregated content is compiled automatically using keywords. This leaves you at the mercy of search engines and keyword-stuffing marketeers. You can neither assess how well written, engaging or repetitive it is. It’s all about the quantity. Quality just doesn’t get a look-in.

You then use software to automatically post social media updates for your social media channels with very little checking to see if the content you share is actually any good.

How does curated content differ?

Unlike aggregated content, curated content is hand-picked with the focus being on quality rather than just quantity. The content curator will decide whether it complements existing content, is relevant and is engaging.

Most importantly, the content should be valuable to your target audience.

If you really want the best content, and to build a massive following of ready-to-buy customers, then content curation wins hands-down. But where should you start?

How to start your content curation journey

We like to follow a basic three-stage framework at Skyline Social, which should help you to get started.

  • Discovery: Start with the baby-steps. You first need to identify the right niche for your company. Once you have found it, then you can then work out how and where you’re going to gather content from. You’re “discovering” relevant sources and content.
  • Refinement: Having gathered a large amount of information (hopefully), now it’s time to find the needles in your ever increasing content haystack. Don’t worry, you’ll soon learn how to quickly identify whose posts are consistently the most relevant and best written.
  • Distribution: Now it’s time to release your carefully curated content into the wild!  Try and focus on pushing the content through channels that already work for you first. Slowly but surely, you will find you are bringing together a band of faithful followers – and building a relationship each day with those in your target audience.

And once all goes well you will find that you are making a name for yourself in your chosen niche – as the go-to brand for content!

Quick Tip: When distributing other people’s content be sure to tag those on Twitter who wrote the article. The people that wrote the article could retweet it to their followers and your business could get in front of even more people!

In our opinion content curation rocks. We understand that sometimes you may feel overwhelmed or lack the resources to do it as well as you would like.

That’s where Skyline Social can help – we practice what we preach. We take time to hand-pick the best content for our clients to share on social media – making sure that their target audience finds it both relevant and interesting.

Like you, we value quality over quantity.